Editor’s Note

Today is a time for celebration in my home. It’s not technically Easter, but it’s as close to a holiday gathering as we’re going to have this weekend.

We print this newspaper every day of the year. Sometimes, that means I head to work on holidays. Many area residents in various fields will punch the clock tomorrow, and I’ll do the same.

I’m not complaining. An Easter Saturday gathering beats the heck out of skipping a family dinner altogether.

Hosting the feast, while fun, does require a bit of work. My fiancee, bless her heart, agreed to prepare some sort of Polish Easter feast for my family. We’re excited for a new, tasty experience, featuring homemade pierogi, placek and sausage that was worthy of a trip to the famous Broadway Market.

That meant my job was just to get everyone here. Sure, it sounds simple, but even getting a group of busy people to answer their phones is a task at times.

I caught my mom during dinner. My brother picked up his phone in the middle of a diaper change. Dad took a break from shaving to take the call. Life was happening all around, so I needed to make it quick.

First, I explained to each of them that I would not be doing any of the cooking. This helped me maintain their interest.

After placing a few calls and receiving a few more, we managed to nail down a time for some Easter Saturday fun.

It’s not technically Easter, but we’ll be enjoying our day as a family nonetheless.

Have a great weekend.