Sinking Slowly

CELORON – The Celoron Community Center is sinking.

The Community Center was built on the burial site of the Yellow Submarine restaurant, which burned down in the 1980s. The administration at the time decided to put all of the debris in a hole before covering it with 6 inches of dirt, Mayor Scott Schrecengost said.

“It’s not sinking fast,” said Schrecengost. “It’s just that, over the years, we see different things happening within the structure. It’s something that needs to be addressed in the future, but we haven’t gotten there yet much more than discussion.”

The administration of the 1980s didn’t stop there, however. In the early 1980s, they decided to build the Community Center on top of the burial site, Schrecengost said.

“When we redid the handicap ramp and the deck last year, we’ve seen stuff going on – cracks in the ceiling, stuff like that – but we weren’t sure what it was,” Schrecengost said.

He said as the village built the handicap ramp and deck for the Community Center, the problem became apparent.

The handicap ramp has been the shining example of the positive outlook in the Celoron community, according to Schrecengost.

“We redid the handicap ramp on the Community Center. We also had a contractor come in and donate their time to help finish that up,” Schrecengost said. “We even had volunteers from the community come down and put an hour or two here and there. We never had that before. It just shows a positive turn-around.”

Currently Celoron is busy with other projects within the village and the Community Center is currently considered a low priority, Schrecengost said.

“I mean it is going to cost money no matter what we do, and we have so many other projects going on,” he said. “Yeah, we know it is there, and it is a problem we’ve got to deal with in the future. How far in the future? I have no idea.”

Priority projects include the water front and board walk.

In December, the village received a grant from the Regional Economic Development Council in the form of $82,845. The grant will go toward building a board walk along the lake, a canoe/kayak boat launch and updating the code book.

The construction will take place along the north shore of Lucille Balle Memorial Park, starting next to an existing public dock and boat launch, running 415 feet to the east along the shoreline. It will be 8 feet wide. The board walk will be made out of concrete, but will be patterned to look like a wooden board walk. In the future, Schrecengost hopes to construct a board walk around the baseball field that would connect with the current board walks, which loop through the park.

The Community Center hosts various events from the monthly village board meetings to elections to baby showers and birthdays.

“It’s just a gathering place for the community,” Schrecengost said.

The Community Center is located at 47 Dunham Ave. in Celoron.