Police’s Work On Drugs Commendable

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am sure many of you have witnessed the aggressive efforts of the Jamestown Police Department to irradiate and disrupt the drug trade, use and abuse in Jamestown, I sure have. If you haven’t you must have your head in the sand. With two to three raids a week and some intervention right next door to our schools it is impressive to watch. They are a group of no nonsense individuals that should be appreciated by all of us.

It is totally amazing and incomprehensible to me as to why anyone in this town would want to deal drugs especially with the police force that we have. Plain and simple you will get caught. If you haven’t learned that by now you are impervious to learning. JPD has made a definite statement to you. If you want to do drugs you had better move on and go elsewhere. If you want to go to jail stick around and you definitely will.

Bruce Piatz