Ostrom Thanks JHS, City For ‘Unbelievable’ Effort

To The Reader’s Forum:

Unbelievable is all I can say about the students of Jamestown High School. These amazing students raised $12,500 during their recent Battle of the Classes and donated it to my Western New York Kidney Connection Charity. I cannot thank them enough; all monies raised will stay local and directly help those in need of a kidney transplant.

I want everyone who donated to know what their donation meant to each class. Not only was my charity the recipient of the money, I have worked at JHS for 20 years so I was privileged to see the reaction at every fundraiser or when a donation came in. Hugs, high-fives, so much enthusiasm and camaraderie (I added my silent yippee!!). I watched them serve pancakes, waffles and spaghetti and saw how classmates bonded with each other with a common goal – to win Battle and help a charity. So it’s not just about raising money – it’s about school spirit and the positive effect it has on the future of our students.

Whether they participated in an event or were part of the cheering section I was so proud of them. It was a team effort between the students and our wonderful community. Here’s to future successful Battles!

Thank you Jamestown and thank you JHS!

Jeanette Ostrom,



WNY Kidney Connection