Gin Blossoms To Headline Ellicottville Summer Fest

ELLICOTTVILLE – As Ellicottville has tried to build itself into a summer destination in addition to a winter destination, it has been since the middle of the 20th century one event has been growing right along with the summer activities – the Summer Music Festival. This year’s festival is being billed as “A Family Affair,” and promises a quality experience for the July 4-6 weekend.

The festivities get underway Friday, July 4, with a mile-long lift up the hill for the first-ever Holiday Valley Top of the Mountain Party. After the chairlift journey, visitors will be able to stop in at drink stations as they enjoy the live music and the view of the valley, below. The list of entertainment for the evening has yet to be announced.

After a short hiatus, Saturday will have the return of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. The 80-piece ensemble will perform at the base of one of the hills at Holiday Valley, playing music ranging from “Stars and Stripes Forever” to many popular classical pieces, finishing the night with their trademark performance of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture,” performed in concert with choreographed fireworks.

The 2014 version of the festival will wrap up with a performance by national recording artists, the Gin Blossoms. For those that do not remember Gin Blossoms’ meteoric rise up the charts in the 1990s, the guys appeared on the scene with the hit, “Hey Jealousy” in 1991. The “Up and Crumbling” EP released that year also had tracks like “Allison Road,” “Found Out About You” and “Until I Fall Away.” The now-classic tunes have become such radio staples that any listener to a rock or alternative station in the last 20 years has had to have heard at least one of their songs. In 1993, “Hey Jealousy” took to the charts as a track from the band’s 1992 release, “New Miserable Experience,” topping at No. 5. After a long hiatus to start the new century, the band returned with a fourth album in 2006, with “Major Lodge Victory.”

The festival is not just about the music on the hills of Holiday Valley, though. In the village, pet parades, strawberry festival activities and many other activities will be taking place to bring the summer to life. Parking for the festival is free, and is wheelchair-accessible. In fact, according to the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce director, Brian McFadden, families are more than welcome to bring their picnic baskets with them for the shows on the hill.

Not to worry if you do not want to pack that lunch, individual and group VIP packages can be purchased from the Chamber. The tickets include meals, refreshments, all event tickets and preferred parking and seating. For more information on the event, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-349-9099 or email at