Superintendent Releases Statement On Washington School Marijuana Incident

Jamestown police were dispatched to Washington Middle School on Wednesday after marijuana was found on campus.

Officers, along with a member of the department’s k-9 unit, reportedly occupied the school for two hours and departed shortly before dismissal.

JPS Superintendent Tim O. Mains released the following statement Thursday morning:

“An incident at Washington Middle School came to light on Wednesday, involving the presence of marijuana in the school. This statement is to help provide accurate information on what happened, how the school district responded and to dispel any rumors from the incident.

Late in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 9, Washington Middle School’s administration was alerted that marijuana may have been present in the school. Swift and decisive action was taken by Principal Emerson, who called the Jamestown Police Department (JPD) to assist with her investigation. With the able assistance of the JPD, a number of students were identified as either possessing or having knowledge of the drugs at Washington. All students involved in the situation are being dealt with according to district disciplinary guidelines. Their identities are appropriately being kept confidential. The details of the events are still under investigation by both the district and the JPD.

As the superintendent, I take this situation seriously, and I ask for your help in addressing the important issue of drugs in the schools. We must all be vigilant and willing to communicate whenever there is the potential for danger in our schools. If any parent, student or community member has knowledge of drugs in any Jamestown school, please contact the school principal and/or the Superintendent’s Office immediately. Our district has a zero tolerance policy for drugs in our schools and will take swift and appropriate action against anyone violating that policy.”

An investigation is ongoing.

Washington Middle School hosts grades 5-8, and has a student body of 540.