Hannold Shines As Falcons Run To Win Over Dunkirk

FALCONER – Led by Tereek Hannold, Falconer made its season’s debut in Division 1 boys track on Wednesday afternoon.

Hannold was a triple winner while teammates Josh Earle and Josh Fischer doubled as the Golden Falcons went to 2-0 overall with an 84-57 decision over Dunkirk.

Hannold captured the 100 meters (11.3), the 200 meters (22.8) and 400 meters (54.1).

Meanwhile, Fischer claimed the 110 high hurdles (15.8) and the triple jump (38-11), and Earle picked up wins in the shot put (37-5) and discus (126-4) in the win.

3,200 relay: Dunkirk (Names Unavailable). T – 8:57.9.

110 hh: Josh Fischer (F), Drew Beckerink (F), Cerrie (D). T – 15.8.

100 m: Tereek Hannold (F), Barlette (D), Cody Dustin (F). T – 11.3.

1.600 m: Austin Ormond (F), Trystin Lee (F), Josh Rissel (F). T – 5:05.

400 relay: Dunkirk (Names Unavailable) T – 45.1.

400m: Hannold (F), Francis (D), Tarnowski (D). T – 54.1.

Long jump: Beckerink (F), Teboe (F), Morales (D). D – 16-4.

Discus: Mike Earle (F), Dominick Hitchcock (D), Jacob Penhollow (F). D – 126-4.

High jump: Dillion Johnson (F), Echevarrie (D), Harris (D). H – 5-6.

400 h: C. Dustin (F), Echevarrie (D), Fischer (F). T – 1:01.5.

1,600 relay: Dunkirk (Names Unavailable). T – 3:58.2.

3,200 m: Francis (D), Ormond (F), Cope Rissel (F). T – 10.45.3.

Pole vault: Cerrie (D), Ryan Dustin (F), Teboe (F). H – 10-6.

Shot: Earle (F), Hitchcock (D), Penhollow (F). D – 37-5.

Triple jump: Fischer (F), Johnson (F), Cheverez (D). D – 38-11.

200m: Hannold (F), Barlette (D), Alicia (D). T – 22.8.

800m: Soto (D), Jarrett Pischera (F), Teboe (F). T – 2:11.3.


OLEAN – Jordan Powers, Ryan Hetrick and John Martin were double winners, but Southwestern (0-2) suffered a 90-51 season-opening setback to Olean.

Powers took the 100 high hurdles (16.6) and 400 intermediate hurdles (58.6), Hetrick won the 1,600 meters (4:51.5) and the 3,200 meters (10:36), and Martin captured the shot (41-7) and the discus (134-7) for Southwestern.

Will Bathurst claimed the long jump (17-7) and triple jump (36-9) for Olean.

3.200 relay: Olean (J. Cibak, T. Snyder, C. Gayton, L. Mehnel). T – 9:17.8.

100 HH: Powers (SWC), Cheswick (O), Crino (B). T – 16.6.

100m: J. Plaud (O), A. Morgan (O), Brad Southwick (S). T – 11.6.

1,600m: Hetrick (SWC), E. Kelly (O), Cihak (O). T – 4:51.5.

400 relay: Southwestern (Matt Southwick, Nate Mogenhen, Brad Southwick, Brady Williams), T – 49.1.

400m: Reed (O), Vargas (SWC), T. Abdele (O). T – 57.8.

400 IH: Powers (SWC), Cheswick (O), Williams (SWC). T – 58.6.

800m: Mehnel (0), Gayton (O), Christian Gutknecht (SWC). T – 2:17.6.

200m: Plaud (O), Haight (O), Bathhurst (O). T – 23.7.

3.200m: Hetrick (SWC), Snyder (O), Kelly (O). T – 10.36.

1,600 relay: Olean (Names Unavailable). T – Unavailable.

Long jump: Bathurst (O), Abele (O), Jake Hammond (SWC). D – 17-7.

Triple jump: Bathhurst(O), Cihak (O), Charles (C). T – 36-9.

High jump: Mornah (O), Powers (SWC), Dandrea (O). H – 5-8.

Shotput: John Martin (SWC), Howard Boutelle (SWC), Brandon Himes (SWC). D – 41-7.

Discus: Martin (SWC), Shawn McClain (O), Himes (SWC). D – 134-7.

Pole vault: Dickey (O), J. Bill (O), Matt Southwick (SWC). H – 11-6.




FALCONER – The Falconer girls track team took home a victory in its first Division I meeting of the year, prevailing over visiting Dunkirk (0-1), 79-58, on Wednesday.

Mackenzie Wright was a triple winner for the Lady Golden Falcons while Kirsten Holmberg claimed two events.

Wright took home the 100 meters (13.0), long jump (15-5), and triple jump (35-4) in addition to running on the first-place 400 relay team. Holmberg came away with wins in the 1,500 (5:37) as well as the 800 (2:40.8) and was also the anchor for the winning 3,200 relay team.

3200 relay: Falconer (Andrea Volk, Joy Manno, Amber Micek, Kirsten Holmberg) T-12:03

100 hurdles: Savia Moreland (D), Kelsey Slate (D), Andrea Volk (F). T-17.7

100m: Mackenzie Wright (F), Samiya Toomer (D), Chantel Williams (F). T- 13.0

1500m: Holmberg (F), Rachel Rosas (D), Calan Pogorzelski (D). T-5:37

400m relay: Falconer (Wright, Samarie Waddington, Taylor King, Willaims).

400m: Amber Micek (F), Calan Pogorzelski (D), Lexy Alexander (F). T- 1:07.2

400m Hurdles: Faith Rivera (D), Lechandra Mix (F), Savia Moreland (D). T-1:17.5

800m: Holmberg (F),Rosas (D), Natalie Nytz (D). T- 2:40.8

200m: Toomer (D), Waddington (F), Brittany Morgan (D). T-27.8

3000m: Rosas (D), Manno (F), Cheyenne Jimerson (F).

1600m relay: Falconer (Holmberg, Alexander, Rhea Moore, Micek). T-4:42

Long Jump: Wright (F), Alexander (F), Waddington (F). D-15-5

Shotput: Amancia Virea (D), Agape Bevakah (D), Alyssa Brooks (F). D-30-1

Pole Vault: Volk (F).

Triple Jump: Wright (F), Amanda Michalsku (D), Sam Hemenger (D). D-35-4

Discus: Brooks (F), Bevakah (D), Virea (D). D-94-4

High Jump: Mix (F), Faith Rivera (D), Baileigh Carter (F). H-4-10