Gerace Reflects On Dateline NBC Coverage Of Reed Murder

Gaining the attention of Dateline NBC is a clear reminder of how much the murder of Sept. 21, 2012, rocked the town of Clymer and Chautauqua County as a whole.

On Wednesday, Chautauqua County Sheriff Joseph Gerace was invited to speak at the Jamestown AM Rotary’s weekly breakfast at the Marvin House to discuss his involvement with Dateline NBC and its recent airing of “At Close Range,” an hourlong report on the Anthony “Rob” Taglianetti murder of Keith Reed Jr., former Clymer Central Schools superintendent.

“I thought Dateline NBC did a tremendous job,” Gerace said. “They were extremely nice … and the process was very interesting.”

This process, according to Gerace, was intensely thorough, including more than 100 phone calls from the news agency, the sharing of countless photographs and videos and the filming of hours-long interviews at the Robert H. Jackson Center.

“The setup was amazing,” Gerace said. “They had several tripods, four or five camera angles … they would get panning shots of my empty office and the hallways from Clymer School. Production took a massive amount of time.”

A particular concern for Gerace, however, was how the county would be portrayed, namely that its rural setting would be exaggerated and the Sheriff’s Office depicted as some kind of “hillbilly law enforcement agency.”

“Overall, we thought (the end result) was a very nice package … it didn’t make us look bad as a county … (though) it’s not the kind of national spotlight you want.”

Gerace acknowledged that a lot of information was not included in the story because of time constraints.

“I expected it to be much more racy than it was … and I’m glad they breezed over that (for the sake of the Reed family),” he said.

Reed and Taglianetti were the subjects of a dramatic story of sex, lies, jealousy and revenge that culminated in murder and a subsequent 10-day trial last fall.

Prosecutors, after bringing forth countless witnesses and forensics experts, were able to piece together a narrative that showed Taglianetti becoming enraged over an online relationship between Reed and his wife, Mary.

Taglianetti subsequently drove 350 miles from his home in Woodbridge, Va., to Clymer and shot Reed three times at his home.

On Feb. 24, Taglianetti received the maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

Dateline NBC originally aired its story, “At Close Range,” on March 21. It can now be seen online at: