Community Support

FREWSBURG – Seeing a need at the Myers Memorial Library, Paul Moore of Frewsburg contacted Tops Friendly Markets’ corporate office and CPU Unlimited regarding a new computer designated for non-recreational use in the library. Receiving Tops’ donation, the library was able to purchase a custom-built computer and peripherals from CPU Unlimited and new task chairs from Geer-Dunn. Through Jeff Paden, owner of CPU Unlimited, the library was able to purchase the custom computer, monitor and peripherals at a discount which included set-up.

Diane Crandall, library director, expressed her appreciation for all parties involved.

“We are fortunate to have patrons and businesses that support the library in so many ways; seeing a need and pursuing different avenues to fill it, financial donations, time and material donations and so many other ways,” Crandall said. “To complete our computer area and give it a more finished appearance, a patron also donated a handcrafted oak table. With the new computer, we now have two computers that are solely for work purposes: job searches, resumes, homework, paying bills, small business needs and training. Frequently both computers are being used, so this additional computer has been greatly appreciated by the patrons and staff to meet this increased need.”