Local Marine Continues Walk To Benefit Wounded Warriors

The Warrior Walk continues into its third state after nearly 500 miles.

Joshua Lydell, 33, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Frewsburg native, has dedicated the next six to eight months of his life to fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project by making the 2,800-mile trek from South Carolina to California.

As of Monday, he was staying in Birmingham, Ala., for a few days where he was featured on a Fox affiliate news station as he continues to promote his walk.

All of Lydell’s supplies are transported via a personally built, 160-pound aluminum cart that doubles as his bed while traveling. According to Lydell, he is thinking about making significant upgrades to his cart after his first month on the road.

“I’m all about the spirit of adventure, so I want to try some different things. This whole thing is about endurance,” Lydell said, adding that when pulling the cart, he is constantly thinking of ways to improve it.

Despite beginning the trek in South Carolina rather than New York with hopes of finding better weather, the first week of the Warrior Walk was difficult.

“It was pouring rain for four or five days,” Lydell said. “That first night I slept in a farmer’s field and it was 30 degrees.”

While he averages 15-20 miles per day, Lydell’s longest day was 29 miles.

“I’ve met some really great people so far,” he said.

According to Lydell, some of the biggest challenges so far have been the “monster” hills in Georgia and the lack of sidewalks in Alabama. He has already worn through his first pair of Brooks running shoes and is enjoying his second pair.

Lydell also recounted an experience where he was stopped by a local police officer and after chatting, the officer said Lydell could sleep behind the station.

“I set my cart up and the grass was really green – everywhere else the grass was brown,” Lydell said. “I was just really glad to have a place to sleep – I should have known.”

Apparently at 5 a.m., an unsuspecting Lydell awoke to a sprinkler shower after the 24-degree night.

“All you can do with those things is laugh,” he said.

Once he reaches Texas, Lydell plans to reunite with a group of veteran friends from his time in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Lydell began the walk from South Carolina on Feb. 17.

Currently, the Warrior Walk has raised over $3,100.

To donate online or follow the walk, visit support.woundedwarriorproject.org/individual-fundraising/thewarriorwalk.

Lydell can be contacted at: joshualydell@gmail.com.