In Years Past

In 1914, Attorney Clare A. Pickard of Jamestown appeared before County Judge A. B Ottaway in Mayville the previous day to argue a motion on an appeal from the conviction of 13 Lakewood boys before Justice A. L. Richardson the past fall. The boys were convicted of causing a disturbance at Ashville on Halloween night. Sentence was suspended. Attorney Pickard based his appeal on the contention of irregularity of the proceedings in the trial court. He claimed the boys had not been properly identified and that the son-in-law and son of one of the jurors were witnesses for the prosecution and finally that the justice of the peace and Attorney Grant E. Neil had offered to settle the case by improper methods.

The committee meeting at Westfield on Saturday to consider the federation of all existing grape growers’ organizations into one central association to market the grape crop was very well attended. It was productive of the best preliminary understanding and positive actions toward such a project that had ever resulted from a meeting of this kind in the history of the long and stormy campaign for modern marketing methods. Whether the plans would work out or not this year, even with the good start made, was dependent upon the growers themselves as to whether they would sign up the preliminary contracts and upon the attitude and aggressiveness of the opposition represented by various cash buyers and speculators whose business would be eliminated by this plan.

In 1964, while 50 silent, sign-bearing pickets marched up and down in front of the Celoron village fire hall the previous night, the village Board of Trustees pondered an earlier decision to fire Patrolman Steven Showers and then decided to keep him on the payroll on a temporary day-to-day basis. The pickets began their march outside the board chambers half an hour before the meeting was to convene. They were there to protest a decision by the old board during a lame-duck session in March, to fire the village officer. The pickets, mostly young people, paced back and forth in front of the fire hall in an orderly manner carrying sings which read: “We’ll Not Leave Till We Get Steve,” “Steve For Cop,” “I Am 4 Steve” and “Steve.” A crowd of some 50 adult residents stood by to witness the demonstration which continued until the board announced its decision at 8:45 p.m.

A Jamestown man who caught two young boys setting fire to a field was badly burned late the previous afternoon when a five gallon can of gasoline exploded under his feet. Donald Reynolds, 30, of Winsor Street, received first and second degree burns on both legs and right hand when the gasoline exploded as he attempted to extinguish a grass blaze near Stillwater Creek between Jamestown and Frewsburg. Mr. Reynolds told Kiantone Town Officer Paul Billgren that he was driving to Frewsburg when he saw two boys about 7 or 8 years old setting a fire in a field near the highway. He stopped his car to tell the boys to extinguish the fire but the youngsters ran when he approached. Mr. Reynolds jumped into Stillwater Creek to douse his burning clothes after the gas can exploded. He then drove to WCA Hospital where he was admitted.

In 1989, as the decade drew to a close, soccer was one of the area’s top recreational sports. Soccer had taken everyone by storm. “There’s a number of reasons,” Bob Moore, president of the Jamestown Area Youth Soccer League said of the sport’s popularity. “Kids can play at a very young age, the price is low, every kid plays half the game no matter what and it’s a team sport that doesn’t isolate the kid.” Jamestown’s outdoor league was just one of several throughout Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties.

Beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday, the Salamanca Fire Department would operate an ambulance service for residents. The City Council approved the takeover for emergency services only, using fees formerly charged by the Salamanca District Hospital. The hospital dropped the service as an economic measure and was negotiating with the city for the sale of its two ambulances. Emergency medical technicians from the fire department would staff the ambulances.