Can Spring Really Be Around The Corner?

There is always a day in the spring when I notice robins everywhere. I know they do not all leave the area, but it seems like all at once they reappear. That day was last Monday. There were robins hopping happily around the lawn and flying to and fro. As I ate my lunch I watched them.

That bright orange breast certainly makes one sit up and take notice. In that respect they are a harbinger of spring. I have also noticed a couple woodchucks. They seem rather groggy in that they have been in the middle of the road. When my vehicle approached they ran into the field.

My tulips are up in the bed closest to the road but other than that I see nothing in the way of growth. I consulted my diary from last year and noticed the weather is not that different. We had snow into April last year.

I have been watching a flock of turkeys. Every once in a while I have to stop at the bottom of the hill because they are crossing the road. No little chicks yet, though.

Nature is beautiful. I am at peace when I am watching the comings and goings of the animals. It does not matter if it is birds or deer. Each animal has a way that things are done and it is enjoyable to become an observer.

I got to thinking the other day about the wild leeks. Every year my husband dug them for his mother. We made leek sandwiches with lettuce and a little bit of mayo. You did not need much of the leeks to get the flavor. It was just one of the rites of spring around the farm. If my husband found enough of them I also made a batch of potato leek soup. We all enjoyed that.

Another sign of spring is dandelions. They are not out yet, but soon those yellow heads will be everywhere. I know that city people have dandelions chemically removed from their lawn, but if I removed the weeds around here I would not have any lawn at all. I just mow the weeds and it looks fine.

My husband’s aunt loved dandelion greens. She called it her spring tonic. Every year in the spring she spent time at the farm so she could enjoy a dandelion salad with her sister. I found a recipe for dandelion jelly in one of the papers and decided to try it. We did not have pets at the time so the lawn was pretty clean.

I went out in the morning and picked dandelion blossoms while the dew was still on them. You cooked the blossoms to make the base of the jelly then added sugar and lemon. I usually added a small amount of yellow food color to enhance the look of the finished product. It really was quite good.

No one was happy to see the snow on Sunday morning. A few nice days and we are spoiled. I, for one, look forward to the time when I can just wear a light jacket. I intended to wear a long red sweater to church on Sunday, but changed my mind when the snow appeared.


I have a cellphone, but I do not use it much. I have gotten better through the years. I at least leave it on so the kids can get a hold of me if they need to.

A week ago when I went to make a long-distance call I went to my purse to retrieve my cellphone. It was not in my purse. I cleaned the whole thing out, but it was not to be found. I then began to look around the house. There are only so many places that I can put it. I even had my grandson take the flashlight and look under all of the furniture.

Next, I looked in the car to see if it slid out of my purse and was on the floor somewhere. There are some little pockets on each door so I checked them, too. I got out my diary to see if I could tell when I made my last phone call. There was a text to my son the week before, but nothing since then that I could tell.

I called both children to let them know that my cell- phone was missing. They are the only ones who call me on it. I tried calling my own number, but either it was out of charge or out of range. It went right to the messaging.

I set aside time to go to a website to look at the phones that are available. I do not need anything elaborate for the way I use it. It is just my emergency backup. I tried to order one, but could not get the stuff to go through. I called my daughter and asked if she had time to help me that night. She ordered my last phone as a birthday gift.

That night her husband popped up the information and I ordered my phone. It came on the third day. That night we tried to activate it. My son-in-law talked to the person. They needed to know when it was purchased, we gave the approximate date. They wanted to know how many minutes were left on it. I was not sure, but knew approximately. When my records were brought up they told me I had fewer minutes than I recalled.

The girl told him it would be much easier to transfer the minutes if we actually had the phone! I told Ed to tell her that if I had the phone I would not be going through this process at all. We settled on the minutes to be added – I could accept that I lost some minutes. Nothing happened. There was a number to call to complete the activation. Nothing happened. We were given a confirmation number, but you do not need that if there is no response.

I waited until the next morning. I still had no air minutes and no activation. This time I made the call to the activation center. At long last the minutes came through and they extended my contract time by two months.

Electronics are wonderful when they work, but when they don’t they are a pain in the neck. I have to call for computer service before I can send this out. Nothing is easy these days.

Ann Swanson writes from her home in Russell, Pa. Contact at