Cancer Services Program Offers Help

To The Reader’s Forum:

April is National Cancer Control Awareness Month. In recognition, I wanted to share information about the services available at the Chautauqua County Cancer Services Program.

This New York State Department of Health Program has a mission to increase the proportion of women and men who are up to date on cancer screenings. The Cancer Services Program is available in all areas of New York State. We want everyone to be aware of the importance of early detection of cancer.

We want people who are uninsured and the underinsured to know about and use the available cancer screening, diagnostic and treatment services available to Chautauqua County residents.

Cancer Services Program can help with mammograms, pap tests, and pelvic exams. Help with treatment for breast, cervical, colorectal and prostate cancers may be available to uninsured.

If you have high deductible insurance and are unable to afford the cost of breast, cervical or colorectal cancer screenings, we hope you call to see if you can benefit from the Chautauqua County Cancer Services Program.

Best of health to all,

Johanna Gill

Chautauqua County Cancer Services Program outreach worker