Pool Program A Hit At Brocton

BROCTON – There are many positive changes happening at Brocton Central School.

The Brocton School Board discussed the pool and school safety at a recent board meeting. Superintendent John Hertlein said the pool was a smash hit.

“It really is a giant hit,” he said. “The classes love it.”

Hertlein added it has been a real treat for the high school and elementary children.

“We are doing water Zumba right now and it has been a huge hit,” he said.

High School Principal Jason Delcamp introduced the idea of installing safety flipcharts.

“We will have these safety flip charts hung by every door by the end of spring break,” he said.

They provide emergency numbers for staff in the event of a crisis and they allow new staff to see the emergency protocols established at the school.

Hertlein said the new lifeguard asked about this very thing the other day and it will be nice to have this hung by every door.

Delcamp also introduced the concept of an automatic lock on classroom doors.

“During lockdowns the magnet would be pulled from the door causing automatic locks in the classrooms,” he said.