Key To The City

The Jamestown High School men’s varsity basketball team received extensive recognition Monday evening, along with the “Key to the City” from Mayor Sam Teresi and Jamestown City Council for an outstanding 2013-14 season.

Teresi proclaimed Wednesday as Jamestown Red Raiders Basketball Team Day and urged all residents to honor the “determined, hard-working and extremely talented group.”

“What you guys accomplished this year was absolutely amazing, and tonight is a celebration of what you’ve accomplished and the notoriety you brought to put us on the map once again,” Teresi said to the team.

He added that the group belonged in an elite basketball classification with some of the other very outstanding teams to play at Jamestown High School, further noting the team’s 19-5 record, with 16 wins in the last 18 games played.

After defeating Greece Athena in the Class AA Far West Regionals, the team advanced to the state tournament in Glens Falls, where they lost to Union-Endicott.

“Tonight is a celebration of the youth of our community, the youth out there winning basketball championships and the youth of Jamestown Public Schools out there doing great things every day on the stage, football field, dance hall and classroom,” Teresi said.

Superintendent Tim Mains was also in attendance to congratulate the team for their accomplishments.

“I am particularly pleased that the city has chosen to recognize the skill and the character of these young champions, because I believe they’ve accomplished a lot this year,” Mains said. “I believe they will continue to carry that in the work they do, both for the remainder of their time with us at Jamestown High School and beyond.”

Head coach Ben Drake said he was honored to be recognized along with the team, and after coaching basketball for 16 years, it was his favorite group of young men to coach.

“In tough situations, these guys came through time and time again,” Drake said. “Not only were they great athletes, but we also received the New York State Scholar-Athlete Team Award. It’s a unique accomplishment to have a group of young men who are not just great athletes, but also great kids who are awesome to be around.”

Along with Drake, assistant coaches Marty Stockwell, Bill Miley, Ken Ricker and Tage Hall were commended for their efforts alongside family members and community volunteers.

Individually honored team members included Luke Kindberg, David Diaz, James Rojas, Matthew Hoaglund, Cameron Haberberger, Luis Castro, Matthew Nazzaro, Noah Johnson, Quinn Lee Yaw, Zack Panebianco, Stephen Carlson, Ben Larson, Zacc Kinsey and Josh Colwell.