Busti Historical To Focus On Working Mill

The Busti Historical Society will hold its April meeting on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Busti Museum meeting room next to the mill.

The society entered a new phase with the completion of restoration of the mill and milling machinery last year. Its activities will now concentrate on testing and using the mill and acquainting the local community and mill enthusiasts all over the country with its capabilities. In January, for the first time, the mill was a stop on the area Doors Open Jamestown day. It welcomed 70 visitors. The regular monthly grinding days, usually held on third Sunday afternoons of the month, resumed in March. Two hundred pounds of corn were rendered into chicken feed, adjustments and minor repairs were made on the machinery, the rate of grinding was tested, and several interested visitors were conducted through the mill.

Plans call for a special Apple Blossom Day (May 4) for outreach to new members and for showing members and volunteers through the buildings and giving them extended behind the scenes attention. In addition to the mill, the museum and the new building that was used for demonstrations and artifact display at the Apple Festival last year will be opened for guided tours. Members may also be shown through the miller house that is in the early phases of restoration.

Much more work is planned for the house this year. It was probably built by Francis Sowl, the same man who built the mill, and it was lived in by other early mill owners. Agendas and work meeting schedules for the project will be discussed at the meeting.

Other items open for discussion include land drainage and development, development of the Busti Triangle as a park with a memorial there for Paul Busti for whom the town is named, cataloging of the artifact collection, organizing the photo collection, organizing the office, further explorations for the meteorite that fell in 1891, and an appreciation ceremony for the gift of a Johnny Appleseed tree seedling from the Southern Tier Classic Chevy Car Club,

Some members of the society plan to attend the Northeast Regional meeting of the Society for Preservation of Old Mills in Oneonta on April 26.

The society plans a Town Picnic June 28. This year’s Apple Harvest Festival will be Sept. 28. The Chautauqua County Antique Equipment Association will meet at the grounds May 27. The Chautauqua County Historical Society will hold a picnic meeting in the pavilion June 24.

At the December meeting a drawing determined the winner of a king-size Amish quilt donated by Linda Lewis was Becci Moore. At the March meeting a drawing selected Patricia Smith of Kiantone as the winner of an artistic Mill photo and fact collage created by Carl Wasslink.