Please Help Save My Father’s Murals

To the Readers’ Forum:

As a citizen of the Jamestown area and the daughter of a well-known local artist, David Lawrence, who died in 2007 at 89 years old, I am submitting this letter to fight for saving his Prendergast Library murals, as well as honoring his memory and his enduring life works.

Not only did David create many ambitious and decorative murals all around western New York, but he was one of the most talented water colorists in the United States. His landscapes of the beautiful Chautauqua County area that he loved, I believe, are unique, priceless treasures.

My father never made a fortune and certainly undersold many of his works just to provide for his five children. He was an army veteran of World War II, so served his country as well as beautifying the area of western New York with is inspired and copious works.

My mother, Elizabeth Bugbee Lawrence, always a supportive partner and wonderful parent, was employed at the noted Prendergast Library as head of the interrloan department for 20 some years.

Please, friends of art and supporters of all the creative pursuits of our people, help us to save these amazing murals.

An analysis to possibly remove and preserve the murals was done by the Inter-Museum Conservation Association of Cleveland, Ohio on March 26. the deadline for their removal however, has been moved ahead to June.

Sara L. Skillman