WCA Hospital Eliminating 15 Positions

WCA Hospital officials have eliminated 15 non-bedside positions.

Betsy Wright, WCA Hospital president and chief executive officer, said the cuts in positions included full- and part-time employees. They were non-nursing and nursing positions, but no bedside registered nurses.

“We are not changing our nurses available at the bedside for patients, and we are not doing anything that will impact the care we provide here,” she said. “We take a great deal of pride in the quality of care we provide to the patients.”

Wright said that some of the 15 employees will apply for other positions open at the hospital. She said the cuts were made because of the challenges all hospitals are facing under new health care laws.

“We are seeing dramatic declines in reimbursement. In the next nine years, there will be $45 million in cuts to WCA,” she said. “Even though we never want to eliminate a position, unfortunately it is necessary at this time. It is always the last consideration.”

In December of 2012, WCA officials also eliminated 15 positions 10 security-related positions and five other personnel in fields like environmental services and finance. No nurses, physicians or direct-care personnel positions were eliminated at that time. Wright also said health care reform led to those eliminations, as well.

“Health care reform has some lofty goals for coverages and access to care, which is wonderful. But also bends the cost curve with hospital reimbursements being dramatically affected,” she said.