McIntyre Sr. Rolls 757 Series At JBC

Howie McIntyre Sr. had a big outing as he drilled a 257-222-278-757 to lead the Tuesday Coffee Bowl at Jamestown Bowling Company.

John Van Horn floored a 244-257-687 for R&R Garage and teammate John Johnson delivered a 267-686 in the Miles Machine League at JBC.

Also at JBC, Jim Rissel delivered a 226-213-630 and Bob Howe tossed a 237-205-621 while Paula Holmes posted a 213-580 in the Moon Brook Ladies League.

Nate Lester hit a 253 at JBC.

At Fluvanna Fountain Bowl, Patti Weeks rolled a 207-595 for Rhoe B. Henderson Agency in the Jamestown American Legion Post 149 League.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Tuesday Coffee Bowl – Jim Elardo 216-211-582, Cliff Carlson 202-570, Mike Cappa 222-526, Don Chambers 515, Helen Chambers 445, Sharon Dowd 435.

Moon Brook Ladies League – Ann Knepshield 200-547.

Miles Machine League – Nate Lester 226-656, Barry Gustafson 233-653, Nick Price 243-648, Terry Parson 238-628, Dave Kohlbacher 233-626, Dave Lester 233-619, Mike Wallen 247-618, Brent Carlson 588, Brandon Carlson 577, Joe Sienicki 228-575.

Fluvanna Fountain Bowl: Jamestown American Legion Post 149 League – Renee Davis 542, Jennifer Arnold 534, Rita Anderson 505, Lisa Snyder 497, Jacqu Cole 475.