Hall Of Fame Masters Scratch Tourney Is April 6

Jamestown Bowling Company will play host to the 12th annual Jamestown Area Bowling Council Hall of Fame Masters Scratch Tournament on April 6.

Qualifying squads are scheduled at 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m. and the cost to enter per squad is $65, $5 of which will be donated to the Hall of Fame.

The event will feature many of the top bowlers from the across the area and the northeast region and all participants will roll four games across eight lanes with the top eight from each squad earning a spot in the eliminator-style finals.

The top eight overall scores will receive a first-round bye and the final four bowlers will roll two games each and total pinfall will determine the winner.

First place will pay $1,500 guaranteed and the prize ratio is 1-of-5 with all prize fees returned 100 percent. Second place will pay $800, third pays $500, fourth place is worth $400, fifth through eighth place pays $300, ninth through 16th place will pay $200 and 17th through 24th place pays $150. All payouts are based on 100 entries.

Please note that PBA exempt bowlers are not eligible to participate and all USBC rules will be in effect. Additionally, all bowlers must hold current USBC cards. Junior bowlers are permitted to enter (smart funded).

The oil pattern used during the tournament will not be a “house” shot and lanes will be stripped and re-oiled before the finals.

There is $2,000 in added money and the tournament is co-sponsored by Butternut Brook Equine Center (Ray and Cathie Textor) and Mir Oil (Larry Case).

To reserve a spot in one of the qualifying rounds, contact JBC at 483-1818. Bowlers are also permitted to enter on the day of the tournament. Re-entries will be allowed but bowlers may only cash once.