Busti Board Discusses Possibility Of $1.5 Million Bike, Fitness Trail Project

BUSTI – Busti Town Board is continuing discussions on a bike and fitness trail.

According to Kenneth Lawton, councilman, who has been behind the Busti Bike and Fitness Trail project, one option is a 1.6-mile trail from Applebee’s in Lakewood down to Cummings Road.

“(We) took a look at the route along the railroad. They gave us some advice of different options,” Lawton said. “(We) are going to look at other locations for trails, primarily focused on the railroad because of the benefit of having just one land owner to go to.”

The path would be 10 feet wide along the tracks with a fence built to separate the two paths. The fence would be a four-foot high vinyl-coated, chain-link fence.

“We are not sure if that is what is going to be required or not,” Lawton said. “It may not be that expensive of a fence; it may need to be higher.”

Currently, hikers and walkers tend to cross railroad bridges that are active due to the fact that they look safer and more structurally sound.

The board, as part of their discussion of the feasibility of the project, wanted to know how something like this could be maintained.

The preliminary cost estimate is $1.5 million. There would be a land-acquisition cost, where the lease would be for 17 years. However, there is a Transportation Alternative Program grant which is a match grant of 80 to 20 percent. This means money will need to be raised somewhere. However, it reimburses the town, and instead of giving a check, it requires the town to have a cash flow to pay back after proven documentation.

The board approved Lawton to attend a TAP grant application training in Buffalo.

In other news, Busti discussed cemetery management, and after reviewing the prices local area cemeteries charge, they have decided to raise their prices and add new services. Internment is now $700, internment cremation is $400, disinterment is $700, a transfer of ownership is $25, snow removal is $50 and the plot of land is $650. The decision to raise prices came after it was determined $23,000 was lost in revenue.

The information for Randy Holcomb, town assessor, was updated for the New York state Retirement System – a process which needs to be done every five years. The board also approved Jesse Robbins, supervisor, to sign an amended agreement with Chautauqua County for the Administration of New York State Environmental Protection Fund Grants. This agreement is an extension of the time limit, as well as a renewal and an update. Busti receives no money from this grant – it all goes to the county. It is needed for upkeep of the lake.