Fenner Elementary Holds Scholastic Fair

On Friday, March 7, H.C. Fenner Elementary in Falconer held its annual Scholastic Fair.

There were more than 90 projects and participants in this year’s fair. Participants included students from third, fourth and fifth grades. Students were encouraged to create a project that demonstrated their interest in a particular topic. This year’s projects included everything from discovering the underworld of ants, to Minecraft, Living in London, how maple syrup is made, the useless machine, the Pinewood Derby and more.

Judges from the local community volunteered their time to come in, interview and score each student’s project. Later that evening, the school gymnasium was open for parents, students and friends to come look at all of the projects. Also that evening, an awards ceremony was held to honor the top five projects at each grade level. In addition, three students received the Principal’s Award selected by Larry Spangenburg. These students received a medal in honor of their accomplishment. Each student who completed a project received a certificate of participation and a collectible dollar coin. To view all the projects, please visit www.falconerschools.org/elementary.

The Scholastic Fair Committee would like to thank the Falconer Elementary PTO for generously providing funding to purchase medals, certificates and dollar coins for the students who participated, and refreshments for the judges. The Scholastic Fair was organized by teachers: Cindy Nutt, Nicole Velazquez, Marissa Shields, Bryan Voorhis and Spangenburg. Those receiving top honors included:


Curtis Hannon – Math Behind Yankees, Jayden Chadwick – Ants, Danielle Krenzer – Asthma, Jacob Sears – Cows: The Original Milk Machines, Abigail Sweeney – What is Type I Diabetes

Principal’s Award: Kayla Lynn – Barbara Park


Amelia Sprague – Onondowahgah Culture, Carter Constantine – Pinewood Derby, Haley Whitford – Marble Mosaic Gazing Ball, Tess Spangenburg – Living in London, Joseph Krenzer – Grandpa’s Maple Syrup

Principal’s Award: Rachel Himes – Our Wonderful World of Therapy Dogs


Erika Binkley – Louis Braille, Ashlyn Harvey and Eliza Schrantz – How to Survive Middle School, Gregory Holmberg – Farming, Madison Horton – Wooley Bears, Joey Pillitieri – Butter

Principal’s Award: Macey Youngberg – Twins