Able Hands Wanted

RIPLEY – Fundraising efforts are underway to prepare a Ripley residence for the return of a young man seriously injured in car accident.

Cody Bird, 19, was recently involved in a serious automobile accident, but is returning to his home from hospital care Sunday.

Because of the injuries Cody sustained, including a shattered left leg and a fractured right leg, he will be limited to the first floor of his home for the next 10-12 months, as he will be utilizing a wheelchair.

According to Cody’s mother, Delise Bird, at the time of Cody’s accident, she was in the process of renovating three upstairs bedrooms, so her four other children had been sleeping on the first floor of their home. Now, it is necessary to complete the second-floor bedroom project so that Cody will be able to live on the first floor.

The Bird family is in need of volunteers to help complete a ramp installation to accommodate her son’s wheelchair, drywalling, widening door frames and installing a shower stall on the first floor. The family is also accepting monetary donations and donations of materials to complete the projects. The remaining projects will cost roughly $2,500 to complete.

“Without outside help I would never be able to get it all done,” Delise said, noting that a few of Cody’s friends from high school and family friends have volunteered time to help recently.

Cody, the eldest of five siblings, was an avid hunter.

“He is doing great. Cody is very motivated,” Delise said. “He’s ready to go turkey hunting as soon as possible.”

Delise understands that her son’s road to recovery will be a journey over time, but after a process of bone grafts and rehabilitation, he will be able to walk again eventually.

“Without all of the support and prayers, we would have never gotten through this,” Delise said.

Though the Bird family initially started a Facebook page to keep Cody connected with his friends, the page really became a source of inspiration for the whole family.

“The Facebook page is our biggest support,” Delise said. “Thank you to the complete strangers and friends – each and every one – who has supported and prayed for us.”

For more information about how you can help the Bird family, contact Delise at 397-0685 or visit