Jamestown BPU Customers Target Of Telephone Scams

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities warns customers to be careful not to give bank account or credit card information to anyone over the phone, especially with regard to BPU payments. The BPU does not accept telephone payments.

BPU customers in the village of Celoron and town of Ellicott on Thursday reported receiving calls from a person posing as a BPU employee. The caller told them that their electricity would be turned off right away unless the customers provided bank account information over the phone or agreed to meet him at a local convenience store.

The BPU accepts payments at BPU Customer Service, Jamestown City Hall and the Town of Ellicott Building; online on the BPU website; and by check at drop boxes located at Tracy Plaza, the Jamestown Police Department, at the BPU and at the Town of Ellicott Building. The BPU does not accept payments over the phone.