Crist Almost Rolls Back-To-Back 300s

Jeremy Crist almost had the rare occurrence of having back-to-back 300 games at Jamestown Bowling Company Thursday night.

Crist delivered 12 strikes for his perfect 300 in the second game for Wadsworth Construction in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles. Then, he managed to hit 11 more strikes in a row to make it 23 over two games.

Then on his final ball, he left four pins standing for a 296 and overall a neat 819 series. He began his series with a 223 game.

Howie McIntyre Sr. rolled the second 300 with that coming in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles en route to a 749 set. His other high game was a 246.

Justin VanArsdale just missed a 300 as he left a pin on his final delivery for a 299 for Gary’s CARSTAR in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles. VanArsdale also singles of 223 in the opener and 225 in the middle game.

Brian Kennelley felt disappointed like VanArsdale of not achieving a 300 as he set down 11 consecutive strikes before leaving a pin for a 299.

Lyn McIntyre was red hot on the lanes for the ladies by shooting a 268-235-709 in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles.

Mark Blasdell rolled a 235-257-247-739 for John C. Nelson Company, Bill Thompson a 267-246-726 for Geraci & Company Accountants and Doug Rylowicz a 266-242-714 for Rylowicz Brothers to account for the 700s in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Other top scores in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC were Ray Textor with a 246-247-696 for Butternut Brook Farms, Dave Saxton with a 233-226-236-695, Dan Gould a 277-694, Ryan Colburn a 269-692 for Tier One Machine, Bob Paterniti a 226-246-689 for John C, Nelson Company, Chris Conti a 248-246-687 for Dom’s Mobile and Brandon Miller a 277-677 for South Side Redemption.

Tom Volpe and Jim Chapman uncorked 258s at JBC while Drew Robinson had a 255 at Cutting Lanes.

Cutting Lanes: American League – Brad Robinson 225-643, Drew Robinson 642, Chuck Stansbury 222-632, Jason Swan 224-615, Adam Newhouse 237-223-615, Dennis Brumagin 244-600, Jason Rhodes 597, Roger Robinson 230-592, Roger Brightman 591, Craig Bush 227-586, Cran Nyweide 578,

Jamestown Bowling Company: A. M. Seniors League – Jim Suckow 206-579, Al Conklin 201-551, Pete D’Angelo 201-531.

Early Birds Seniors League – Dan Snow 529, Roger Gustafson 509, Paul Snow 223-503, Denise Weaver 496, Dot Smith 475, Ann Moren 445, Hazel Britt 444, Karen Beattie 439, Gen Juul 400, Juanita Holthouse 400.

Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles – Tom Volpe 226-674, Alex Foti 245-672, Randy Herron 233-230-658, Jim Chapman 653, Brian Kennelley 644, Tom Sacilowski 244-643, Joe Muzzy 640, Matt Himes 232-226-640, Jim Elardo 247-632, Ron Holter 631, Tim Thompson 224-627, Bob Weeks 619, Josh Volk 226-614, Andrew Raymond 242-604, Matt Delong 603.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League – Nino Loverme 246-673, John Robbins 615, Craig Merchant 226-599, Jason Snow 224-594, Bill Hartzell 234-590, Tena Berkhous 201-553, Kristina Horton 485, Cindy Federick 481.

Frewsburg Lanes: Ladies League – Bonnie Smith 559, Kelly Lauffenburger 503, Marcia Johnson 489.