Exceptional Seniors

The Exceptional Senior basketball games are scheduled for tonight at Cassadaga Valley Central School. The girls game is scheduled for 6 p.m., followed by the boys game at 8 p.m. At halftime of each game, a 3-point shooting contest will be held among the underclassmen. Today, The Post-Journal is running the photos of the boys teams. Above is the Blue Team. In the first row, from the left, are Jesse Rodriguez, Westfield; Jacob Gray, Westfield; Kyle Moran, Southwestern; Kyle Mayer, Chautauqua Lake; Riley Rybicki, Southwestern; Kyle Petersen, Frewsburg-Falconer; Michael Wilcox, Frewsburg-Falconer; and Derek Smith, Frewsburg-Falconer. In the second row, from the left, are Coach Tim Milliman, Corey Wefing, Maple Grove; Josh Colwell, Jamestown; Brian Park, Jamestown; Quinn Lee Yaw, Jamestown; Ian Clute, Chautauqua Lake; Mitch Carter, Frewsburg-Falconer; Josh Nelson, Frewsburg-Falconer; Bryce Jay, Pine Valley; and Coach Gary Saunders. Below is the Green Team. In the first row, from the left, are Mitchell Einink, Clymer; Jacob Nosbisch, Forestville; Ryan Myers, Sherman; Andrew Graham, Sherman; Matt DeStevens, Clymer; Dan Odell, Panama; and Nick Johnston, Fredonia. In the second row, from the left, are Wayne Hartloff, Forestville; Ryan Robson, Sherman; Esmond Colvin, Dunkirk; Randy Dalaba, Cassadaga Valley; Mike Lancaster, Cassadaga Valley; Dylan Meyer, Fredonia; Cody Cunningham, Fredonia; Michael Bess, Dunkirk; and Coach Loren Smith. Missing is assistant coach Brady Deuink.

P-J photos by Lisa Monacelli