Complete Loss

FORESTVILLE – A fire consumed a residence at 9425 Creek Road on Tuesday morning, leaving one couple without a home.

Forestville Fire Department First Assistant Chief Kyle Barthel said everyone was fortunate there were no injuries.

“It began around 11:15 a.m.; luckily no one was hurt,” he said. “It took over an hour to put out the fire.”

Barthel said the home was completely destroyed.

“There was a light wind which caused the fire to spread throughout the home,” he explained. “It is still under investigation what caused the fire.”

A passer-by stopped to see if he could help the couple.

“The lady of the house was coming out of the barn; I ran up to her and she told me her husband was out in the back field with two horses,” said Tom Brooks of East Aurora. “She had been beeping the horn trying to get his attention.”

Barthel confirmed the woman of the home was working in the barn and the man was out in the woods when the fire occurred.

“I asked her if everyone was out of the house,” Brooks said. “She said ‘no animals or other people were in the house.'”

The couple is currently staying with their neighbors.

Sheridan, Cassadaga, Sunset Bay, East Dunkirk, Hanover and Silver Creek fire departments helped battle the fire. The Chautauqua County Fire Investigation Team was also on-scene.