Opinion Bickering And The Law

To The Reader’s Forum:

I’ve noticed a dramatic rise in offended individuals, as you no doubt have as well. What has this led to? Sensationalism and a restriction of rights for the supposed offenders.

People should be able to create art, make movies, run a business and live their lives as they see fit, as long as those choices coincide with the law of the land they live in.

It seems no generic group is immune to such behavior. Religious people sometimes refuse service, and some want to keep marriage between one man and one woman by law. Atheist groups remove anything religious from the community if it’s on government ground or in public. LGBT advocacy groups protest anything that seems to be anti-gay. Last example I’m going to give, though many there to be, is to our Muslim friends who deserve a category all their own. The words ‘Muslim outrage’ could take down the wall of China.

So when did the law start putting its hand in the way of art, business, and our individual rights to think and feel as we choose, and where will it stop? I don’t write to promote any group, but to make the reader think about where limits on our government involvement should be, because I don’t know.

Julie Thompson