City Expands To Two Full-Time Court Judges

A statewide study has determined the city of Jamestown needs a second full-time court judge.

On Friday, John LaMancuso, Jamestown City Court judge, Paula Feroleto, Eighth Judicial District administrative judge, and Sam Teresi, Jamestown mayor, announced Jamestown City Court will expand to two full-time judges on April 1. LaMancuso said the statewide study determined there was a need in Jamestown to expand to handle more cases. Jamestown City Court handles drug, domestic violence, mental health and treatment court cases.

”This will enable the court to be a more valuable resource,” LaMancuso said. ”This will enable us to do more. It will make court run much smoother.”

Jamestown’s current second judge is a part-time position held by George Panebianco. Panebianco would be the second full-time judge if he decides to take the position. Feroleto said Panebianco hasn’t made a decision, as of yet. If Panebianco decides to take the full-time judge position, he would have to stop his law practice he currently operates as part-time judge.

If Panebianco would decide not to accept the position, Teresi would then appoint a second full-time judge. The term would be for 10-years. Currently, the part-time judge position has a six-year term.

The new second court would be held in Jamestown City Council’s chambers on the second floor of the city’s municipal building, located at 200 E. Third St. Feroleto said the expansion will make City Court more expedient and will provide more in-depth coverage. She said for treatment court that means more assistance for those with addiction problems.

”That is such an important part for treatment court,” she said.

Teresi thanked LaMancuso and Feroleto for their work in expanding City Court.

”The capacity being enhanced … is (a benefit) for the city of Jamestown,” he said. ”It helps make the city a better place.”