Sherman Mayor Rejects Highway Building Proposal

SHERMAN – Sherman Mayor John Patterson recently told the village council that he feels they should reject a proposal to build a new shared service building on Route 430.

Patterson reported on a joint meeting he attended with George Spanos, Department of Public Facilities director, and representatives from Chautauqua County and the town of Sherman. At the meeting, Spanos reviewed a study regarding the shared services building and offered three options – rebuild the existing building, build a new structure at the current town/village location or build a new structure across the street from the existing building.

The county, town and village would each be responsible for one-third of the cost, estimated to be between $82,000 and $150,000.

“This is not economically feasible for the village,” Patterson said, noting that the village already has a relatively new highway building as well as anticipated expenses for equipment, sewer upgrades and water lines.

In other business, the council approved Local Law 1-2014, allowing a tax levy of more than 2 percent if necessary. Sherman has never used this option but, “it’s good to have in place if we need it,” Patterson said.

The public hearing for the 2014-15 budget was set for Wednesday, April 2 at 7 p.m.

The “Shave the Mayor” campaign has exceeded $1,800 in donations, Patterson reported. All donations submitted from now on will go to benefit Roswell Park Cancer Institute, as the minimum donation to Sherman Day has been met.

Patterson showed the board sample T-shirts made by Triple E to help advertise the event.

“I would like to get into the school to offer the shirts to the students and hopefully get the student body involved in selling them,” he said.

The shirts are expected to profit $3.50 each, all of which will go to Roswell.

Patterson also shared a letter from Kaine Kelly, Sherman Central School superintendent, asking for a village representative to a rally protesting funding cuts to education through the state Gap Elimination Adjustment program. Council member Isaac Grotto attended the event earlier this month.