Smear Campaign Will Get You Nowhere, Martha Robertson

To The Reader’s Forum:

An open letter to Martha Robertson:

You recently came to Corning and I came to hear what you had to say. I thought it would be a good opportunity to finally hear your stance on the issues that matter most to the people in the Southern Tier. We have high standards for those running for office in our district – we are used to a political figure that is approachable, easy to talk with and available, ready for discussion and to hear our opinions. Tom Reed has a tremendous record of town hall events, not only in number, but also in candor, as well as attending many, many local events. As a constituent, I came to your event because I wanted to hear from you, and maybe offer my take on local issues. I expected to actually hear your stance on important issues, but was instead treated to a smear campaign of Tom Reed.

I listened to you read your speech, patiently waiting to ask about the SAFE Act and our Second Amendment rights, as well as your thoughts on job creation and the national debt crisis. These are key issues in upstate New York. I never did get to ask my questions, nor did anyone else, since you wouldn’t take any questions. You won’t make any friends unless you let us ask you some questions. In fact, you might want to ask us a few questions, and then listen to what we have to say.

Conducting an event to smear Congressman Reed and his family isn’t what the people want to hear- we want to hear your stance on the issues that matter most to us.


Brad Lytle