Post-Journal All Access Launches Today

Today, The Post-Journal is launching All Access as a part of current print subscriptions and future subscribers either with a print subscription or a digital-only subscription.

Every page, every story and every advertisement now will be available to our subscribers electronically regardless of where they are located. Beginning today as a part of current subscribers’ print subscriptions, subscribers will have All Access to The Post-Journal’s digital products. The launch includes a new e-edition, an exact replica of the printed product, as well as a new mobile application that is able to be downloaded from your favorite app store.

“Over the years The Post-Journal has not only been a part of the life of thousands of residents in providing the area’s most comprehensive coverage of local news and sports that affect their lives, but also has been on the cusp of technology changes and advances in the news industry,” said Publisher Michael Bird. “This is another way we have shown our commitment to this community to provide the local news that is part of the fabric of Jamestown and the surrounding areas by delivering the news in several multimedia ways and platforms that ensure our readers are the most informed in the most timely manner.

“We are proud to continue reporting excellence that has been a part of this community since 1826. We now not only gather and provide local news and sports, but also ensure that it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in print and electronically. This is truly reliable local news and sports you can trust at your fingertips 24 hours a day.”

“Our newsroom and employees whom are also local residents and citizens are also proud to be part of our continued effort and commitment,” Bird continued.

In order for current subscribers to gain All Access to the digital products they can go to any local story at and follow the prompts to “Are you a print subscriber?” then the information provided will be checked against current subscriber information. Once it is verified that the information entered matches a current print subscription, the subscription is validated and access to all digital products will be ready in addition to getting the newspaper delivered to their home.

The new e-edition can then be accessed from a link named “All Access e-edition” at Once at the e-edition homepage the username (the email provided in the validation process) and password can be entered to upload the daily newspaper replica. The new e-edition has features such as saving a page, section or entire copy of the newspaper to a desktop, access to the past 30 days of newspapers and even a listen function.

New and improved mobile applications for Apple or Android products are also now available. The mobile application can be downloaded from the appropriate app store and can be found through a search for “The Post-Journal All Access.” Once downloaded to a phone or tablet, The Post-Journal can be viewed again as an exact replica of the newspaper or viewed by story.

A digital-only subscription is also available and includes access to all of the digital products, but does not include delivery of the printed version to a home or business. Non-subscribers will have limited access to

Current subscribers will be receiving an instruction flyer with a subscription renewal notice. They can also come to The Post-Journal’s offices at 15 W. Second St. and can be walked through the process at a kiosk station that is in place in the front lobby. In addition, we have provided an information page at that will walk a reader through the process of validating a current account or information to sign up for a new subscription.