Ballet Studio Signage Approved

The Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet has a new location and will have an additional sign, as well.

Last month, the Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet moved into its new location on the third floor of the Willow Bay Commerce Center, 21 E. Third St. in Jamestown. After 15 years of providing area residents a place to practice classical dance, the ballet has found a new home in downtown Jamestown. To accompany the move, Elizabeth Bush petitioned the city Zoning Board of Appeals for additional signage on the building. The city’s zoning laws state the maximum number of permitted wall signs is two because it is at the corner of two streets. Bush applied to place three signs on the building.

Jordan Spencer, Willow Bay Commerce Center general manager and co-owner, attended the Zoning Board meeting with Bush and said he has no problem with the additional signage on the building. Along with the ballet, the building houses commercial and retail business space, a theater, a banquet facility and apartments. The board approved the additional sign.

In other business, Richard Fusco of Highland Avenue had his request to extend his garage denied. Fusco said he wanted the additional space to store antique cars. He said he has been renting storage space for the cars elsewhere, but would like to build the addition so he could store them on his property. The zoning for the residential area calls for a 5-foot setback. With the addition to the garage, the setback would be 2.26 feet from the north property line and 2.62 feet from the south property line.

When the board opened the public speaking portion on the request, five people, who said they lived in the neighborhood, spoke against the zoning request. They said the addition to the garage would be an eyesore and would lessen property values. They also said Fusco allegedly makes a lot of noise in his existing garage at all hours of the day.

The zoning board did approve the request by Donald Fiasco, Camp Street, to building an addition to his existing garage. The zoning for the area calls for a setback of 10 percent of the property, which would be 10 feet. The addition would make the setback 7 feet. Fiasco said he wants the addition to place more vehicles in his garage. He said during the winter he doesn’t want to deal with scraping ice and other issues related to cars being outdoors. One letter from a local church stated they had no problem with the addition.

The board also approved the request by Steven Olmstead representing Signs and Sales By Peterson of Kennedy for an additional sign for Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonics, 9 N. Main St. The sign would be on the rear of the building and would help people find the business who cross the Washington Street Bridge.