Hughes, Centi Tackle Character Change In ‘12 Angry Men’

Adam Hughes and Michael Leo Centi will bring jurors seven and 12 to life at 7:30 p.m. April 10-12 when Theatre for a Cause presents “Twelve Angry Men” at The Spire as a fundraiser for Prendergast Library.

Hughes, producer with Theatre for a Cause, has always been a fan of the script and is proud to have his company in the role of presenter.

“I am so excited about the cast we have assembled,” he said. “I get to produce, and I get to play Juror Number Seven with actors that I have worked with and admired over the last 10 years at various area venues.

“Juror Number Seven is a great character who grows and changes during the course of the play. I’m looking forward to bringing this character to life in April at The Spire.”

Hughes has had lead roles in “Visiting Mr. Green,” “Tuesdays with Morrie,” “A Few Good Men,” “The Winning Streak” and “Into the Woods.” He also appeared in productions of The Spoon River Project produced by the Fenton History Center and presented in Lake View Cemetery. He lives in Jamestown with his wife Kori.

Juror Number Twelve for the upcoming library fundraiser, Centi appeared in school productions in Frewsburg. He was in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” at The Lucille Ball Little Theatre of Jamestown and “The Producers,” “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,” and “Cabaret” at Jamestown Community College.

He is also a film maker with a second film in production following his first movie, “The Murderous Rampage of Malachi Stitch.”

“I am looking forward to being on stage in a serious play once more,” Centi said. “Juror Number Twelve comes a long way in his thinking during the course of the play. I can have fun with this guy and help him change from reserved to outspoken. I’m up for that challenge.”

Centi works at Mastercuts on Fairmont Avenue and lives in Jamestown. Acting, writing and The History Channel are his interests.

Hughes and Centi join previously announced cast members Skip Anderson, Peter Stark, Dr. Uriel Ben-Itzhak, Steven Michael Cobb, Adam Owens and Matt Smith.

Director Bob Terreberry said everyone involved in Theatre for a Cause is pleased to offer a 60th anniversary production of “Twelve Angry Men.”

“When first produced, this timeless jury room drama met immediate success. Its longevity in the form of movies, stage productions both professional and amateur, and the fact that many high schools and colleges read the play as part of their syllabus attest to the playwright’s craftsmanship,” he said.

Tickets for the local production of “Twelve Angry Men” in April are available for $12 each at Prendergast Library, 509 Cherry Street, Jamestown or online at For information, call 484-7135.