GOP Needs Some Direction

To the Readers’ Forum:

There is a possibility that the Republicans will control both houses come October. This is not due to policy. They do not have one. This will be like a dog chasing a car. What will he do if he catches it. They will hammer the ACA and everything that comes from the White House. Their gerrymandering has worked. The red states are going after voter suppression and a number of Democrats are retiring. Nothing is getting done. The Republicans blame Obama for not leading, yet the speaker can’t even lead his own caucus. They want to hold everything off until October, but don’t hold your breath then either. They remain the party of ”no.”

The dysfunctional Republicans need some direction. it would be nice if The Post-Journal, its affiliates and the conservative media could carry the ball here. You know where the country stands onmosti issues but the needs must be tempered particularly where entitlements are concerned. lay out a realistic platform regarding jobs, infrastructure, tax reform, entitlements, the Middle East, health care, income equality (are you content to let trickle-down economics continue), gun control, etc.

Take a break from Malkin, Bosell, Hannity, Beck and others who have nothing but nastiness and never have a solution. They are polarizing the country. I realize the Democrats have issues too, but I’m addressing t he conservative base and what the sensible media can do to give this congress some direction.

Paul D. Holt