Game’s On

RANDOLPH – Bob’s Bar and Grill will be opening up where Sluga’s Bar used to be in Randolph and will provide fans a place to watch sports and hang out.

“I want to have the best sports bar in Cattaraugus County,” said Bob Early, owner of Bob’s Bar and Grill. “That’s what I’m going for.”

In order to achieve this goal, Early will broadcast six games at a time because he will purchase NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows him to play all of the NFL games.

“I’m going to kick it off with March Madness,” Early said. “I’m going to have games and fantasy (leagues) and stuff like that – all legal stuff.”

A sports bar has always been a dream of Early’s. As a sports nut, Early has been a season ticket holder of the Buffalo Bills for 18 years. His love of sports began at an early age when he played peewee football in Salamanca, which only grew as he also played baseball, basketball and wrestled. However, he says, football remains his true love.

Originally from Salamanca, Early went out to Seattle, Wash., to be with an old girlfriend he had reconnected with on Facebook. She had lived out there for 32 years, and she wanted to come back to Western New York to be with her parents. Even though he has been back for only two weeks after a three-year absence, Early has already set his dream into motion.

Early, during his time in Seattle, was highly influenced and impressed with the sports bar atmosphere there, wanting to create something like that for Cattaraugus County.

“They had lines waiting three hours before the game to get a seat in their bar establishment, so they could watch any team – they were mainly Seattle Seahawks fans.” Early said. “They wanted to be amongst other Seahawks fans. They love it out there. So, I hope to get that flavor here where Bills fans can gather – like a stadium experience.”

Before this, Early had worked in government all of his life. He was the deputy county treasurer for 10 years for Cattaraugus County before he was a financial analyst in Bellevue, Wash.

The sports bar will have a bit of Irish pub flavor – a nod to Early’s Irish ancestry. He will keep with the same menu as the previous owners as he experiments with different recipes. There will be a full restaurant menu with steaks and seafood, as well as bar appetizers such as chicken wings. Early will also start delivery of pizza and chicken wings.

Bob’s Bar and Grill will have a grand opening on Friday, which will last all weekend with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. On Friday, he will have a DJ and he will give away sample appetizers. On Saturday he will have Shane Riethmiller do karaoke, which he plans on continuing each Friday or Saturday night. Early does not plan to bring any live entertainment in on Sunday, but plans to bring out the big projector screen to display live sports.

Early is still unsure what his hours will be, but Bob’s Bar and Grill can be found at 10933 Mace Road in Randolph and can be contacted at 358-2025.