March Is Youth Art Month

As you may remember, March is Youth Art Month. It is a time to celebrate the arts, whether visual, musical or theatrical. Each year, students at Southwestern Middle School have the opportunity to do this through visual art. This year for our annual Youth Art Month Celebration, we will be celebrating with an Artist of the Day. Every day during the month of March, a new artist will be announced, and students will learn a bit about when they lived and what they’re famous for. They will be encouraged to see how they can extend that learning on their own by independent research of the featured artists. The hope is that students and staff will learn about a whole range of artists they’ve maybe never even heard of before.

Also, Mrs. Mitchener wants to encourage everyone to get involved in the arts this month. Students in SWMS are invited to participate in a contest with three prize drawings for Michael’s gift cards. Students are given a list of local art galleries and asked to choose one to visit. While there, students are asked to choose their favorite work of art and describe it. They may enter the drawing only after visiting one of the participating art venues and obtaining a signature from someone working there. Some of the local galleries include: The Lakewood Memorial Library Art Gallery, The James Prendergast Library Art Gallery in Jamestown, The Weeks Gallery at Jamestown Community College and the 3rd on 3rd Gallery in Jamestown. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the arts for students and parents alike.

To top it off, in honor of Youth Art Month 2014, the Southwestern Central School art department is holding its annual K-12 art exhibit at the Lakewood Memorial Library through the month of March. Additionally, art teachers from SWCS are included in the James Prendergast Library Chautauqua County Art Teachers Exhibit beginning on March 21. With the winter weather lingering on, what better way to warm up with these indoor activities?