Five Star Urgent Care Reminds Patients To Check For Winter?Illness Symptoms

During this time of year, many people experience symptoms related to a respiratory infection – either viral or bacterial.

Five Star Urgent Care sees many patients during the winter months that are unsure of the infection they have, and whether or not an antibiotic is needed. Five Star encourages patients to become informed about their symptoms, and understand the differences between infections to stay healthy during the winter months when people are experiencing more illnesses and infections.

“Five Star aims to educate our patients so they can better understand the medical care they need to treat their symptoms. For instance, bacterial infections such as strep throat and MRSA are treated with antibiotics, while viral infections, such as the flu and mono, are not,” said Dr. LouAnne Ten Kate, medical director for Five Star Urgent Care. “However, a viral infection can weaken patients, leaving the opportunity for a bacterial infection to move in when immune system defenses are down. Understanding the difference between these types of infections can better prepare patients for their recovery.”

Five Star encourages patients to visit a healthcare provider at the onset of symptoms to help determine what treatments are necessary. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics; however, overuse of antibiotics when they are not necessary has led to resistant bacterial infections that are difficult to treat. As a result, it is important for patients to partner with healthcare providers to use antibiotics only when necessary. While most viral symptoms need to run their course, there are other medications that healthcare providers can prescribe to keep patients comfortable as they recover. For a few viral infections, such as the flu, there are anti-viral therapies that can help.

“Some studies have suggested the medications which shorten the duration of the flu also reduce its severity of symptoms and complications,” Ten Kate said.

For those who are experiencing symptoms of any type of respiratory infection, Five Star Urgent Care recommends consulting with their primary care provider, or visiting the nearest Five Star facility to determine the proper medical treatment. To find a location nearest you, visit

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