Patchwork Progress

LITTLE VALLEY – Winter is pothole season in Western New York. As the holes grow, municipalities search for ways to keep thoroughfares smooth. A Buffalo-based company has created a product that Cattaraugus County road crews will be testing in the near future.

Unique Paving Materials, of Buffalo, has created a product that they guarantee will last longer than the surrounding road, when pothole fills are done according to their specifications, according to Joseph Pillittere, Cattaraugus County Commissioner of Public Works.

“We have picked up a ton of the material and have filled some potholes with it along our roadways,” he told members of the county Public Works Committee on Wednesday. “We have spray painted around the patches with the material so we can compare to the normal cold patch repairs.”

The ton of material is slightly more expensive than the cold patch the county currently uses, at $110 a ton, but if it is capable of keeping the roads smooth during the cold months, the additional cost would be worth it, Pillittere said.

In other actions, the committee approved the purchase of a 2014 Ford F550XL Super Duty truck to replace a 2004 F150 one-ton with 110,000 miles and a frame, lift and bed that have rotted. The old truck has seen $32,000 of repairs in recent years, Pillittere said. The new truck will cost $58,989 and is already part of the 2014 budget.

The committee also agreed to lease two four-wheel drive articulated wheel loaders. The loaders will be leased on a three-year agreement. The agreement, according to Pillittere, once the trade-in and other discounts are applied, will cost $249,340. Full price for two loaders would be $327,902. In three years, the loaders will be bought back for $279,302, a profit of $29,962 for the county.

“Over a three-year period it is well worth it and will save the taxpayers of the county some money,” Pillittere said.