Volpe, McIntyre Lead Bowling

Tom Volpe and Lyn McIntyre headlined the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at Jamestown Bowling Company on Thursday night.

Volpe led the way for the men with a 255-230-247-732 for Don’s Mobile while McIntyre paced the ladies with a 235-227-637 in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles.

Mike Rylowicz hit a 257-258-718 and he was tied with Justin Van Arsdale, who rolled a 256-257-718 for Gary’s CARSTAR.

Josh Volk uncorked a 237-235-244-716 for JPF Trucking, Bill Thompson a 278-255-222-715 for Geraci & Company Accountants and Bob Weeks a 254-236-224-714 for Gametime Sports in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Tom Sacilowski floored a 232-248-706 for Cappola’s Pizza and Matt Himes a 233-279-703 to complete the list of 700s in the Hall of Fame Classic.

Dan Hallberg hit a 222-259-695 for Tier One Machine, Chris Conti a 264-690, for Don’s Mobile, Dan Gould a 235-248-688, Brandon Miller a 257-234-683 for South Side Redemption, Andrew Raymond a 255-232-680 for Butternut Brook Farms, Howie McIntyre Sr. a 268-226-679 to round up the best scores in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Jason Pool unloaded a 241-283-682 for S. Tabone Paving in the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League at JBC.

Dan Snow fired 216-614 and Karen Beattie had a 514 in the Early Birds League at JBC.

Donna Risner had a 560 and a 525 in the Abigail Kelley Senior Citizens League at State Lanes.

Also, Mary Love tossed a 533, Judy Parsons a 530 and Betty Puleo a 525 in the Abigail Kelley Senior Citizens League at State Lanes.

Ron Holter recorded a 275, Andrew Raymond a 264 and Howie McIntyre Jr. a 259 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Early Birds League -Roger Gustafson 200-555, Don Bengtson 238-539, Gen Juul 459. Ruth Eggleston 449, Ann Moren 447, Denise Weber 426, Juanita Holthouse 400.

A. M. Seniors League – Al Conklin 214-547.

Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles – Ron Holter 664, Matt Delong 247-246-663, Brian Kennelley 233-658, Jim Elardo 246-650, Alan Felmlee 231-648, Ray Textor 238-643, Doug Rylowicz 233-640, Dan Zamborik 235-639, Jim Chapman 221-637, Mark Blasdell 244-633, Howie McIntyre Jr. 629, Alex Foti 625, Jeff Wadsworth 614, Mike Sacilowski 608, John Williams Sr. 608, Randy Herron 228-604, Jim Rissel 602.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League – Andrew Raymond 232-659, Russ Berkhous 231-647, Dennis Goodwill 226-609, Chris Goodwill 607, John Robbins 224-589, Tena Berkhous 204-549, Jenny Goodwill 532, Casey Blair 475, Chrissy Blair 475.

State Lanes: Abigail Kelley Seniors League – Pat Walsh 569, Ed Petransky 492, Bob Gunnell 489, Judy Parsons 476, Mary Love 467, Fran Walsh 406, Emory Holmquist 364.

Abigail Kelley Seniors League – Pat Walsh 563, Ed Petransky 545, Bob Gunnell 523, Fran Walsh 435, Emory Holmquist 350.