Catt. Co. Sheriff’s Deputies, State Police Dispatches Merge

LITTLE VALLEY -Dispatchers in the County Center will now be able to ensure response is well-coordinated for law enforcement after an agreement was signed between the Sheriff’s office and trooper barracks.

In the past, under the closest car protocol, county dispatchers in Little Valley and state dispatchers in Amity had to compare notes to make sure cars were sent to calls in a timely, efficient manner. An agreement signed into action in January will now have all 911 calls in Cattaraugus County come into the dispatch center in Little Valley, according to a release from the sheriff’s office.

According to the release, State Police Captain Eugene Staniszewski said the agreement “will allow the State Police to utilize their personnel more efficiently and take advantage of the upgraded technology that the County Dispatch Center has to offer.”

The new technology mentioned allows dispatchers to track a caller’s location throughout the county, as well as be able to see where deputies and troopers are on their patrols. The consolidation will also have all calls transmitted across the sheriff’s Office radio frequency.

“Streamlining police services are important to providing the fastest and safest response to people who need help,” said Cattaraugus County Sheriff Timothy Whitcomb.

Both officials said turning the dispatch service over to the county was a logical next step and one that will better serve the county residents and benefit both agencies. With patrols receiving assignments from a sole source, the County 911 Center, the agreement adds a measure of officer and public safety.