Winter Last Forever? No Thanks!

To the Readers’ Forum:

Here is my response to Mr. Jeff Tome’s question, ”Don’t you wish winter could last forever?”

Absolutely not! I don’t like picking up the paper and seeing a house burning with possible loss of life. I don’t like seeing a winter related car accident nearly every day. I don’t enjoy cleaning the snow off my car in -0 windchill temperatures. I don’t like to bundle up every time I want to go outside. and I don’t like winter driving.

My idea of the good life is 80-degree temperatures with low humidity, chicken barbecues, concerts in the park, baseball games, picnics and boat rides on Chautauqua and Kinzua Lakes. These are moneymakers too. We have more tourists enjoying this beautiful area in our ”good old summertime.”

So, the answer to your question, Mr. Tome, is an unequivocal, no!

Helen M. Burch