Gustafson’s 689 Set Tops Bowling

Barry Gustafson rolled a 226-237-226-689 for Miles Machine in the Miles Machine League at Jamestown Bowling Company on Tuesday night.

In the same league, John Johnson delivered a 248-679 for R&R Garage and Terry Parson added a 248-220-678 for Miles Machine.

At Cutting Lanes, Pat Bemis used a 266 and a 220 as the springboards for a 681 in the Monday Men’s League.

Jim Rissel connected for a 207-224-236-667, Bob Howe a 245-265-640 and Jodie Lawson a 207-240-619 in the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Mike Wallen and Marv John tossed 265s at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl – Marv John 201-594, Don Hilger 203-551, Don Bengston 203-535, Ron Kuczenski 213-530.

Miles Machine League – Nate Lester 223-661, Mike Page 225-645, Brent Carlson 222-637, Mike Wallen 626, John Van Horn 612.

Fountain Bowl: Jamestown American Legion Post 149 League – Renee Davis 507, Linda Conti 503, Susan Paterniti 490, Jennifer Arnold 475.

Cutting Lanes: A. M. Senior League – Denny Brumagin 522, Bernie Stoddard 211-507.

Monday Men’s League – Chris Legters 236-637, Ed Bailey 234-594,, Adam Neubauer 223-596.

State Lanes: Falconer Businessmen’s League – Mark Almquist 236-645, Rick Golden 614, Matt Delong 223-590, Steve Armstrong 585, Ted Butryn 580, Matt Gunther 579, Kevin Briggs 577, Scott Heinke 575, Topper Westerdahl 575.


Michelle Ryan and George Pierce Jr. won the Jamestown Area USBC Bowling Tournament at Fountain Bowl by shooting a 1,480 on Sunday.

Rita Anderson and Jerry Anderson were next with a 1,472, Sue Lamb and Pierce Jr. followed with a 1,451, Cindy Johnston and Roger Brightman had a 1,384 and Cindy Fedrick and Bill Thompson had a 1,376.

Norma McDonald and Chris Anderson drilled a 1,371, Oleta Hannon and Ron Brown a 1,346, Pam Beightol and Troy Beightol a 1,322, Pat Weeks and

Bob Weeks a 1,311, Chrissy Blair and Steve Maloy a 1,295, Grace Wheeler and Doug Wheeler a 1,280 and Mary Gayton-Dave Gayton a 1,280.