New BPU System Has Flaws

To the Readers Forum:

I don’t understand why the Jamestown BPU is now thinking of revamping their recycling system, and if you ask me, it won’t make too much of a dent in recycling rates: people will still throw things away.

A $2.10 cent a month in savings is not incentive enough to recycle. I still have questions as in, if my friend Jim lives in a 10-unit apartment complex and his landlord pays his utilities for him, will all 10 get separate bins as well and a bill? They’ve come up with some excuse as to why they cannot take every thing at once – who seriously wants to keep an empty glass jar of pickles for nine weeks, up from six last year? Who wants to keep their paper/plastic for two to three weeks?

These fine people should have let garbage rates go up and invested in a parcel of land, built a facility to accommodate everything. Rates then could have gone to $10 if everyone recycled or $20 if not. Will these bins be made from recycled material or produced semi-locally? When I called in to see what was being recycled recently, the message had stated that plastic, metal and aluminum was being taken. Um, when is aluminum not a metal?

Franklin Casnov