Salamanca Awards More Casino Funds

SALAMANCA – A second round of casino funds disbursement sees rails and animals receiving some funds in the city of Salamanca.

Parking will be made a bit easier for those that wish to see how the rail industry built the city of Salamanca, as well as step back in history a bit. An application made to the city common council did not see full funding, but will get $10,000 from city officials to help with some repairs and parking issues. The original application, asking for more than $200,000, outlined several projects that would make the museum better and the experience more enriching, but the amount was well beyond what the city can do.

A second animal rescue group, Friends of Strays, has also received $10,000. Similar to the funds received by Empire Animal Rescue Society earlier in the month, the funds will be used to aid in spaying and neutering of stray cats that have been brought in to the society.

Earlier in February, the Cattaraugus County Living Arts Association was tapped to receive $10,000 for work to be done at the Ray Evans Seneca Theater. The Salamanca Historical Society received the same amount to help in window replacement as well as staffing needs for the building. EARS received $10,000 as well, to aid in spay and neuter animals brought in through animal control. The Salamanca Kiwanis Club received $5,000 for the purchase of new Christmas lights for city decorations.

The funds will not be handed over to the organizations in the form of a check, according to city Mayor Carmen Vecchiarella. The funds will be in a draw-down fashion, through the City Comptroller’s office. Receipts will be needed to draw the funds to pay for the work to be done. Funds will not be available until April, to coincide with the city’s operating budget year.

In other news, a resolution, at the recommendation of the City Police Commission, created two full-time and three part-time emergency services dispatchers in the city. Wages and hours are yet to be determined. The positions will be filled from the Cattaraugus County Civil Service list for that position.

The next meeting of the Salamanca City Common Council will be at 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 12, in the Ronald J. Yehl Municipal Building, 225 Wildwood Ave., Salamanca. A Public Works meeting is held at 6:30 p.m. In the conference room on the same night.