The final shoot of the Penn York Winter Trap League season was held at the Brokenstraw Fish and Game Club and Kalbfus was the first-place team.

There will be a shootoff between Kalbfus and Sugar Grove at Field Day to determine the champion.

Michael McDunn (47) was the high junior for the week, Zak Wheeler (42) was the high sub junior and Tiffany Decker (45) was the high lady. Bob Faga (47) was the high vet, Spear Proukou(47) was the high senior vet, and Jim Hannon (43) was the high super senior vet.

Michael McDunn was not only the high junior for the season, but is also the high gun of the entire league. McDunn ended the season with an impressive 96.11average. McDunn was followed by Colton Black, Kirk Decker, John Pearson, Vern Brown, Scott Currie, Bob Faga, Dale Johnson, Gary Casler and Kim Milford.

Mike Ziegeler was the high sub junior for the season followed by Zak Wheeler. McDunn was the high junior followed by Andrew Hvizdzak and Decker was the high lady followed by Stephanie Tutmaher. Faga was the high vet for the season followed by Duane Schmader. Dick Starks was the high senior vet followed by Dave Kingsley, and Jack Kostkas was the high super senior vet followed by Jim Hannon.

Field Day will be held at Sugar Grove AmVets Post 50 on Sunday. Signups will be from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. This is a fun day for all Penn York shooters to compete for individual prizes. The banquet meal will be served from 11:30am until 1:30pm. You must have a ticket for the banquet.

Kalbfus (320): Brady Carl 47, Michael McDunn 47, John Pearson 47, Tom Sleeman 46, Chuck Travis 45, Jim Nowacki 44, Luke Gray 44

Sugar Grove (315): Scott Gustafson 48, Colton Black 46, Ethan Black 46, Scott Currie 46, Gary Casler 43, Colin Brunecz 43, Jake Lindell 43

Brokenstraw (314): Zak Bush 48, Shawn Garris 46, Curt Hollabaugh 46, Dale Johnson 46, Alex Johnson 44, John McCanna 42, Jason Gustafson 42

Pine Grove (311): Spear Proukou 47, Bob Faga 47, Bill Gross 44, Rick Giannini 44, Dean Spiridon 44, Eric Cecco 43, Greg Nagurney 42

Randolph (301): Jacob Grimm 45, Jim Congdon 45, Andrew Hvizdzak 44, Rex Slocum 43, Zak Wheeler 42, Greg Grimm 41, Bill Congdon 41

Busti (297): Kirk Decker 47, Rich Digirolamo 45, Tiffany Decker 45, Jim Bessey 41, Jim Kestler 41, Bob Dupont 39, Dick Starks 39

Celoron (293): Vern Brown 48, Rich Foster 47, Kevin Sturzenbecker 42, Tom Tutmaher 40, Randy Lineman 39, Mike Johnson 39, Derek DuBois 38

Kane (286): Dan Pierson 42, Ed Sleeman 42, Jack Kneidel 42, Rich Pierson 41, Marty Grove 41, Bob Dixon 40, Ricky Grundstrom 38

Carroll (237): John Foster 46, Paul Prentice 45, Marty Nelson 40, Jeff Mason 35, Terry Eckman 25, Jeremiah Anderson 23