Busti Historical Society To Meet Wednesday

BUSTI – The Busti Historical Society will hold its first regular member meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of the Busti Museum next to the Grist Mill.

Last year the society completed restoration of the historic Busti Grist Mill, the project that inspired its formation. This year the Mill will be run monthly to check its operation, spot and correct problems, train personnel, study its capabilities, and see how well it can serve various functions and potential customers. March 16 will be the first date.

A topic of discussion will be how the society can participate with the Society For the Preservation of Old Mills, a national organization dedicated to the task expressed in its name. Among the more immediate possibilities are an article in the Old Mill News, sending representatives in April to the Northeast Regional meeting of the organization, and exploring the possibility of hosting a meeting in 2015.

The society will be turning its attention to the restoration of the original miller house across the road from the mill and museum. Much progress has already been made toward the ultimate goal of restoring the house where the early mill owners lived to its original era. The immediate task to be addressed will be the restoration of the chimney to safe condition.

An announcement is pending concerning making the hamlet triangle into a miniature official park where a memorial for Paul Busti can be permanently installed. Paul Busti had historical significance for Western New York far beyond the town of Busti. He was the Agent General, chief executive in modern terms, for American operations of the Holland Land Company, which from 1797 owned all of this end of the state.

The Historical Society will host the Chautauqua County Antique Equipment Association on May 27 and the Chautauqua County Historical Society summer picnic June 24.

Other topics such as setting work days, developing underused society land, sponsoring a mid summer Town Picnic, working with the Busti Hamlet Development Group and the Buckaroos 4-H Club, inviting bus tours in to the mill, completing a book on the mill, and early plans for the Sept. 28 Apple Harvest Festival can also be discussed.