Taking Issue With Williams’ Notion Of Concealed Evil

To The Reader’s Forum:

Like previous world powers before us, and as our own U.S. society currently evolves over time, we face complicated social challenges for our citizens, naturally addressed for expected resolution by our elected and appointed leaders. The resulting trend for this increased expectation for government assistance and control is a clearly evident and predictable reality.

Professor Walter Williams’ cloaking of this natural trend (Feb. 21, 2014) within a guise of “evil” is excessive, obstructive, and overly simplistic. His use of dependent elderly women, as an example, is additionally narrow and misrepresentative of the social challenges we face today and tomorrow within the U.S.

Increased personal and social dependency of many upon others (family, neighbors, churches, and the government) is centrally endemic for the maturing of an advanced society with rising humanitarian expectations, unsupported by vastly widening education and income gaps between its masses and its minority of much more fortunate citizens.

With the maturing of our U.S. society and the aging of our citizens, dependency increases. Simply labeling ineffective attempts for solution as “Concealed Evil” is a convenient copout that inhibits our true need for more constructive solutions, to better preserve free enterprise and democracy for our children and grandchildren. Providing more affordable higher education and wider employment opportunities are good places to start.

Frank R. Witgen