Proud To Be Wearing Pink

FALCONER – A longtime employee of Harley-Davidson of Jamestown has raised more than $1,000 to benefit a local charity.

Duane Sherman, a Harley-Davidson of Jamestown parts associate, presented representatives of the Kids and Cancer Benefit Run organization with a donation of $1,135 on Saturday.

Over the course of February, Sherman had raised the money in increments based on weekly challenges placed upon him by his co-workers. Sherman said that what started as a small in-house wager expanded into a full-blown fundraising campaign, the money from which would be donated to a charity of his choice.

“I picked Kids and Cancer as my charity to donate to because I’ve worked with them in the past. I’ve seen the good work they do and I’ve seen the results in the families it affects,” Sherman said. “This will really help them out a lot. And I like that they’re a local organization, because I feel like this is really helping out our own.”

Sherman’s initial monetary goal by the end of February was $200, but that amount was quickly eclipsed over the course of a few days. Additionally, vice president of the Harley-Davidson of Jamestown dealership, Brian Reid, offered to donate $400 to the cause if Sherman could reach the $400 mark. From there, Sherman and his co-workers found creative ways to continue to “up the ante” to build upon the success of the campaign.

Sherman’s final challenge was to reach $1,000. Megan Arnone, marketing manager for the dealership, said a pizza party and press coverage would be made available to employees and customers of the dealership – as well as representatives and families associated with Kids and Cancer Benefit – upon achieving that goal. It was at this event that Sherman and Reid presented their donations to Dave Geitner, president and founder of Kids and Cancer Benefit.

“This donation really helps you to appreciate the support we get from the region,” Geitner said. “It’s great that an off-the-cuff bet could turn into something like this, because this is going to help a lot of families.”

Sherman, whose wife Beverly is on the Kids and Cancer Benefit committee, said he was grateful for the opportunity to help out an organization which he has seen work from a first-hand account.

“I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps, and I’ve seen an awful lot around the world,” Sherman said. “Since I’ve retired, I’ve reached out and spent a lot of time with a lot of charities. And it fills my heart to be able to do that. With my wife being on the (Kids and Cancer) committee, I’ve actually been able to see how good these people are and the good they’ve done for local families around here. So, whenever somebody throws a challenge at me, I’m not going to back away from it. I’m proud to wear pink.”