Holter Hits 299-772 Set To Pace Bowling

Ron Holter was deprived of a 300 game by a single pin at Jamestown Bowling Company on Thursday night.

Holter began his second game for Farm Fresh Foods in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles with 11 straight strikes before being denied with a pin standing for a 299.

Holter also had a 249 opener and a 224 finale for a 772 series for high set honors.

Bill Thompson delivered a 246-267-247-760 for Geraci & Company Accountants and Howie McIntyre was right behind with a 287-247-229-759 in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Dan Gould upended a 249-267-730, John Williams Jr., a 268-238-722 for Southside Redemption, Randy Herron a 257-255-713 for Southern Tier Supply, Ray Textor a 247-255-707 for Butternut Brook Farms and Jim Elardo a 223-278-706 for Zep Manufacturing in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Matt Delong just missed a 700 by tossing a 255-235-697 and Alan Felmlee shot a 259-235-697 in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Still in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC, Dan Zamborik floored a 226-226-233-685, Tom Volpe a 267-684 for Dom’s Mobile and Mark Blasdell a 233-246-683 for John C. Nelson Company.

Theresa Jackson shot a 209-582 in the Ladies Doubles at Fountain Bowl.

Matt Himes drilled a 279, Josh Volk a 268, Chris Conti a 266, Jeremy Crist a 258, Dave Saxton a 257 and Tom Sacilowski a 255 at JBC.

At Fountain Bowl, Ron Brown scattered a 267, Sean Peters a 259 and Dave Eriksen a 256.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles – Mike Rylowicz 247-226-671, Jeremy Crist 670, Dave Saxton 667, Brian Kennelley 225-224-666, Matt Himes 665, Brandon Miller 243-220-659, Chris Conti 657, Josh Volk 652, Tom Sacilowski 651, Dan Hallberg 226-643, John Williams Sr. 225-641, Bob Paterniti 227-637, Jim Chapman 627, Dave Fiorella 225-613, Alex Foti 602.

A. M Seniors League – Ed Freeman 529, Al Conklin 522, Don Proctor 512.

Early Birds Seniors League – Dan Snow 519, Ken Davis 200-515, Chuck Hood 200-514, Roger Vine 506, Cliff Carlson 500, Paul Snow 500, Ann Moren 494, Karen Beattie 437, Ruth Eggleston 436, Gen Juul 421, Dot Smith 415, Hazel Britt 410, Juanita Hitchcock 402.

Shutt’s Arctic Cat League – Andrew Raymond 223-636, Steve Maloy 208-235-631, Nino Loverme 585, Tena Berkhous 488.

Fountain Bowl: Ladies Doubles – Oleta Hannon 210-527, Tammy Baker 498, Cindy Johnston 498, Sue Lamb 477.

Farr’s Allstate League – Ron Brown 673, Mike Koresko 244-663, Mark Sanden 245-648, Dave Eriksen 641, Sean Peters 625, Jeremy Crist 621, Matt Himes 215-607, Bill Farr 231-605, Dave Johnson 227-591, Terry Sanden 223-589.

State Lanes: Angel Hair Classy Ladies League – Andrea Mott 535, Jen Johnston 500, Melody Stearns 491, Anne Frankson 490, Colleen Sherbine 485, Karen Eckman 484.